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A good question. In this case, 'we' applies to several agencies, federal and state. He began ticking them off on his plump fingers. The Federal Investigation Department Target Search teams and the Federal Office for the Protection of the Consution are both charged with infiltrating and surveilling terrorist organizations. And the Bavarian State Police maintains its own excellent Observation Group, with a similar mission. But I am now told they have winnipeg all overlooked your local environmentalist friends. What about GSG-9? Quinn pursued. Might they have infiltrated these groups? Intelligence-gathering isn't their bag, winnipeg personal trainer Nate cut in. They're strictly a counter-terrorist outfit for in-progress events, just like our HRT guys. The reference was to the FBI's elite Hostage Response Team, with whom Quinn had briefly trained at the Bureau's academy in Quantico. That is correct, Mr. Crawford, Masel said. Call me Nate. Of course. I was about to say, Nate, that GSG-9's parent organization, the Federal Border Police, does help us track known terrorists, especially any that have operated in the Federal Republic. Whatever information we have on Ragnarok, or Terra Sancta, or their leaders, will be in the Federal Criminal Investigation Department computer in Wiesbaden. That's the 'Komissar' computer I was telling you about, Nate said to Quinn. I have asked them to telefax us whatever they have, Masel went on, indicating the fax machine beside Nate's desk. But that wasn't necessary, doctor, said a rotund man now filling the doorway. This was Captain Lothar Eckhard of the Bayreuth Police. winnipeg personal trainer Until the bombing was definitely determined to be a terrorist attack, Eckhard's department was in charge of the criminal investigation. I can access the Komissar from my office downtown. I made the request only as a matter of convenience, Captain, since we are all up here. I asked them also to send facsimiles direct to your office. As you wish, doctor. The police captain seated himself, his ample hindquarters overflowing one of Nate's utility office chairs. Peter Frommel, Nate's istant, followed Eckhard in and took the remaining chair. Now, Captain Eckhard, Masel resumed, in an obvious attempt to reduce jurisdictional friction, perhaps you will tell us what you think of Ringland's security? If you wish. Yes, but one moment. Nate, I understood a Mr. Lemke would also be in attendance. Oskar Lemke, vice president of park winnipeg personal trainer operations, was Nate's immediate boss. He can't make it. He's tied up in another emergency meeting, with department heads from marketing, finance, construction and entertainment. Except in the case of marketing, I don't know who's filling in. Our head marketing guy, Nicky Pentland, was just killed. I understand. Please proceed, Captain Eckhard. Well, the park's video surveillance system is adequate, and Mr. Frommel ures me that it is monitored twenty-fours a day. google There is either a log palisade or a three-meter woven-wire boundary fence atop an earthen berm, so the perimeter seems sufficiently protected. I must agree with Nate's own essment, that his weak points are the employee and vehicle entrances. You have already stated this? Masel asked Nate. That's right. Stand by the main or side gate around six a.m. tomorrow, doctor, and you can see for yourself. We're fighting critical deadlines here, and my orders are to keep things moving as fast as possible, in and out. We have trucks rolling by all day. And you don't inspect them? We check their loads, sure. But we can't act like the old East German border guards, running mirrors under the chis and prying up floorboards, or we'd have trucks backed up all the way down to the Autobahnkreuz at Bayreuth Nord. We basically have